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Welcome to the unofficial Prison Architect Wiki, a wiki that aims to answer frequently asked questions.
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If you are an alpha subscriber and are looking for the official wiki (which you probably are since you're most likely here because you ran into trouble playing the game), please [ click here] and log in with your forum username and password. The official wiki also contains a plethora of information on all rooms and items available in the latest version!
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Prison Architect is A Prison Sandbox game that you can build the prison you want, you control your Prison and you control where your prisoners go, tell them what the schedule for the day is, also.. your Prison needs Water and electricity! In order to get Electric and Water Equipment Items To work!
'''How do i get bureaucracy Unlocked?'''
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''To get it Unlocked, build an 4x4 Office, Then Hire a Warden''
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'''How Do I Heal Prisoners/Staff? '''
''In Order To Heal them, You Have to Unlock the Nurse in The bureaucracy Area,Then after you Unlock Her Make her a medical ward Room. (In Order To Get It Unlocked. Hire A Nurse
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'''Do Prisoners Damage Items?'''
''Yes,Sometimes in there cell they will be punching the beds,toilet,tv or anything you put in there.''
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'''How Do I Make Money?'''
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First off, if you didn't collect your grants, you can collect those the grants+your starter cash will give you $50,000. For starters, you will lose money to pay your staff, and to buy items and you will earn some.(I'm pretty sure the more prisoners the more money) Also if you Want to '''play sandbox And have Unlimited Money''', Get Cheat Engine Then Go to the flashing computer guy icon.Click Window List then click Prison Architect. Click Value type.Click Float then exit out of there. Then go To the Value: Area and type your money.Then first scan If 1 Shows up, that's your money that you have and you can change that, but if u have multiples. (Example:This is your money $514) 514.012310 Don't CLICK THOSE! Try to find your one like 514. or spend some money then click next scan. if Nothing shows up I request Finding it.
'''Help! There is a fire! What I do?'''
Well, there is an 911 icon, you can click on (Alpha 5) If you Didn't Update yet. I suggest Updating then click the 911 button, to put out the fire.
'''I have Alot Of Riots. What i do?'''
Well, What I suggest is To have A lot of Security and Cameras.
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Prison Architect is a video-game by Introversion Software. Prison Architect lets you build the jailhouse of your dreams. It's currently available with updates scheduled every 3 to 4 weeks. The game was an entrant in the 2012 Independent Games Festival.
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