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Needs are things that your prisoners have a physical or psychological need for, without which they will become unruly and more difficult to control. Not fulfilling needs can result in large scale escape attempts or riots. Player can unlock Needs tab, by hiring a Psychologist.


Bladders - Inmates will seek out a toilet to relieve themselves.

Bowels - Same as above, except for the type of waste being relieved.

Sleep - Prisoners will seek out a bed to sleep on, during sleep time, and also on freetime.

Food - Similar to sleep, prisoners will only attempt to fulfill this need during designated eating times.

  • For those of you on this page because you are having trouble with keeping your prisoners fed, hire many cooks, so many that a couple are standing around at any given cooking period, and build more cookers, if when your prisoners get to the canteen you see a bunch of them standing around for the majority of the time, it is because you do not have enough serving tables
  • Increase the eat time if you lack on canteen's space, it give inmates more time to feed themselves.
  • Sometimes, High security prisoners might keep lower security prisoners from eating. Increasing eat time on the Regime will sort that out.
  • Check Logistics for food distribution after placing doors that separate cell blocks. If you notice the cooks feed only 50% of your population with remarkable consistency this might be your problem, don't forget to check logistics after doors are placed.

Hygiene - The need to shower, prisoners will fulfill this at a designated "shower time" or at any point during their free time.

Clothing - The Prisoners clothes will eventually become dirty, make a functional Laundry, assign some Prisoners to work in it (at Deployment>Jobs) and designate some Work time in the Regime.

Comfort - Prisoners can fulfill this need by sitting on benches, or relaxing on their beds, or having a TV or a bookcase in their cells.

Exercise - Prisoners can fulfill this need by running around in the yard or by using exercise equipment.

Defense - The need to protect themselves from other inmates. If a prisoner is constantly beating another prisoner, their needs for Defense will rise. Hiring more guards, separating them into two different cell blocks, or changing their security levels, and deploying different security areas will solve the problem. See Deployment.

Freedom - This need is being able to be outside all the time. Having the Yard unlocked, will fulfill this need. If a prisoner's Freedom need is not met and gets high enough, they will attempt escape.

Family - Prisoners can fulfill this by using a Phone Booth or having a visit in the Visitation room.

Recreation - Prisoners busyness, but making them work won't fulfill this need. They can accomplish it by watching TV, playing Pool or reading books from the Bookshelf.