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Objects are various items to decorate the game.

Objects Menu.png


Cost: $200

A key object in a Cell, The bed can be used by Prisoners to rest in during Freetime, Sleep and Nothing (See Regime).


Cost: $100

Another key component in a Cell, But can also be used in Holding Cells, Toilets are there to be used by Prisoners.


Cost: $100

Not really required but can help a lot for Canteen as prisoners can sit at them and Eat Food.


Cost: $30

Chairs are required to make a room a Office, The Staff do not currently sit in the Chairs.


Cost: $30

A bench is important for Holding Cells, Prisoners will sit on these and eat food.

Electric Chair

Cost: $5000

Electric chairs alow you to fry Prisoners who are sentenced for Death

Doors (Category)

Doors can be toggled whether they can be opened by Everyone, Staff Only, or Nobody.


Cost: $300

Jail Door

Cost: $200

Large Jail Door

Cost: $300

Solitary Door

Cost: $500