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Supply Truck

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A Supply Truck is Vehicle that brings variuos things to players prison. Currently supply trucks will bring most construction materials, like Bricks, Pipes, Wire.

Other than building materials, Supply Trucks also bring first 8 Workers to the players prison.

Supply trucks also function as prisoner transport. Every supply trucks holds 8 prisoners, shipments more than 8 will be divided to additional supply trucks. (10 Prisoners incoming, Two supply trucks, one would be carrying 8, other 2)

They also function as garbage trucks.

  • Note: Currently, if player places garbage zone before deliveries zone, workers will place the garbage into the garbage trucks, and then take them out at the deliveries zone. Easy fix is to switch deliveries zone with garbage zone.

Supply Truck Utility.pngSupply Truck Prisoner.pngSupply Truck Worker.pngSupply Truck Garbage.png