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Occasionally [[Introversion Software]] will release Images, Videos or Clues to things that will be new to the game.<br>
This page is to list Upcoming Features.
==Revealed Features [ (Cheat Menu In Video)]==
This video was released on the 14/12/12 [[File:UpcomingFeatures_Youtube_12_12_14_AllCheatMenu.png|right|100px]]
The Menu has many things Like [[Characters#Riot Guard|Riot Guards]], Spawn [[Prisoners]], [[Characters#Paramedic|Paramedics]], [[Characters#Avatar|Avatar]], [[Characters#Actor|Actor]], [[Vehicles#Riot Van|Riot Van]], [[Vehicles#Ambulance|Ambulance]] and [[Equipment]]
==Armed Guards==
This image was released on the 14/2/13 [[File:UpcomingFeatures_Twitter_13_2_14_ArmedGuards.png|right|100px]]
with the statement;
:Do not try to escape []
When looking through the files, in nearly all spritesheets there are references to guns.
==Dog Handler & Guard Dog (Confirmed Name)==
When looking through the files, there are some unused images that are dog icons. these could possibly be guard dogs. [[File:UpcomingFeatures_UnusedContent_GuardDogs.png|right|400px]]
Lines 875 & 876 of english.txt:
:object_doghandler Dog Handler
:object_dog Guard Dog

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