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Utilities are the network of stations, pipes, cables, and switches that bring water and electricity to the various objects around your prison. Clicking the Utilities button on the bottom menu will switch the game to the Utilities view, where you can see all your pipes and cables and how they're functioning.

This page outlines basic principles that apply to both water and electricity. For more specific information, visit the pages for Water and Electricity respectively.

Pipes and Cables[edit]

Pipes and cables are normally invisible, and can only be seen by going to the Utilities view from the Utilities menu button. Placing pipes and cables is similar to placing walls: simply select the pipe or cable from the Utilities menu, then click to place it on the map. You may click and drag to place more than one segment at a time in a straight line. Pipes and cables may be placed inside walls, underneath existing objects, can be placed indoors or outdoors, and may cross over one another without interference. Note that when placing switches and valves, a pipe valve may be placed onto a square where the pipe overlaps a cable, but electrical switches may not be placed onto such a square.

Bugs and Issues[edit]

  • A common bug is that designating too many pipes or cables at once will generate a massive backlog of delivery trucks, all waiting to deliver goods to your prison. To avoid this, designate piping and cabling to be built in small amounts, wait until your workers have placed them down, then order more.