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Valuation tab in game

Valuation in Prison Architect evaluates your prison based on the Prison Value and Safety and Security.

With Alpha 14, you can now sell your prison for your valuation amount, and begin a new prison with the amount you sold your prison for. You may continue running the current prison, but cannot sell it again. (this changed in alpha 16, you can continue to sell your prison)

In order to sell your prison, you need an accountant, at least 20 prisoners, and at least a $50,000 valuation.

If you find your Valuation to be low (due to Penalty Points accrued by murders, escapes, and injuries) you can create an office and hire a Lawyer. In Alpha 14 there is no way to remove penalty points with the Lawyer, but in previous versions you could research it through Bureaucracy.

Prison Value

The following are components in Prison Value. All are bonuses which add positively to your valuation (except stock and materials).

  • Bricks and Mortar (which improves with the condition/cleanliness of your prison)
  • Fixtures and Fittings
  • Boxed Objects (items in storage)
  • Stock and materials
  • Prisoner Capacity (how many prisoners you can fit in)
  • Cash

Safety and Security These valuation components monitor the safety and security of your prison. There is only one bonus, and the rest are penalties. (these penalties now only last for 24hrs)

  • (Bonus) Time without Incident (+240 each hour)
  • (Penalty) Serious Injuries (-2,000 each)
  • (Penalty) Unsolved Murders (-30,000 each)
  • (Penalty) Escapes (-60,000 each)