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The bureaucracy menu represents the tech tree for the game. By investing time and money to research different branches, players are able to hire new staff types and unlock new ways to manage their prison. It is unlocked by hiring the Warden.

The prison bureaucracy also refers to the chain of command in the prison. Building an office and hiring the warden unlocks the ability to research.


Unlocks Chief and the following research options

  • weaponary
  • patrol
  • smuggling
  • deployment


Unlocks Accountant and the following research options

  • land expansion
 Enables player to expand the plot of land for more and bigger jail blocks
  • loan
 Enables player to loan money from the bank
  • tax reduction
 Enables player to reduce tax payments (extra $1500 for every $10000 per day)
  • extra grants
 Enables player to accept three grants at a time


Unlocks foreman and the following research options

  • clone
 Enables player to duplicate a chosen area
  • prison labour
 Enables player to make prisoners work in workshops
  • ground maintenance
 Unlocks Gardener
  • cleaning
 Unlocks janitor


Mental Health[edit]