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Electricity is a utility required for the following objects to function:

Power Station[edit]

COST: $5000
SIZE: 3x3

A Power Station is an electricity generating unit to power the above listed items around your prison.

Note: Don't place multiple power stations next to each other, or connect them via wiring. If you need multiple power stations, keep them on different power grids.


COST: $1000
SIZE: 1x1

It is an electrical component when placed in the adjacent block to a Power Station increases the capacity of the Power Station to power more electrical equipment.

Electrical Cable[edit]

COST: $10 per square
SIZE: 1x1

Transports electricity around your prison. The cable glows a certain color based on which power station it is attached to when electricity is successfully flowing through it.

Power Switch[edit]

COST: $10
Size: 1x1

Toggles the flow of electricity to any Electrical Cable connected to it.

Power Costs of Items[edit]

The following is a chart of power costs of items. One unit is equal to the amount of power required to run one light bulb.

Note: All testing done in Alpha 11.

  • Generators produce 50 units of power
  • Capacitors produce 50 units of power
  • A single generator can produce up to max 850 units of power (with 16 attached capacitors)

Object Power Cost
Electric Chair 100
Water Pump Station 25
Cooker 10
Fridge 10
Metal Detector 10
Laundry Machine 10
Workshop Saw 10
Workshop Press 10
CCTV Monitor 10
CCTV Camera 1
Light Bulb 1