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Welcome to the unofficial Prison Architect Wiki, a wiki that aims to answer frequently asked questions.

If you are an alpha subscriber and are looking for the official wiki (which you probably are since you're most likely here because you ran into trouble playing the game), please click here and log in with your forum username and password. The official wiki also contains a plethora of information on all rooms and items available in the latest version!

Prison Architect is a Prison Sandbox game. While playing you will create and run your own prison, which involves tasks including designing and building facilities, hiring and instructing staff, creating daily schedules for your prisoners and managing your Prison's water and electricity supplies, to name just a handful.

Frequently Asked Questions[edit]

How do I make money? The largest source of income are grants, payments from the government based upon you building certain facilities and/or researching and hiring staff. Some provide your with all of the money up front, while others hold back some of the grant money until you have fulfilled its requirements.

Beyond this, every prisoner occupying your prison brings in $100 per day each. As time goes on your prisons' population should rise faster than your staff levels, enabling you to turn a daily profit.

Finally, if you'd rather play without financial restrictions there are cheats available which enable you to set your bank balance.

Recently added is the ability to employ prisoners in workshops. Currently an optimised workshop (using the maximum per room allocation of 20 workers, 9 saws and 9 stamps, and working 9 hours a day) can bring it about $9000 a day - enough for practically any sort of prison upgrade work. Do note that workshop machines and capacitors for providing power are very expensive and will require proper budget planning in advance.

How do I unlock the "Bureaucracy" option?

Bureaucracy requires you to hire a Prison Warden, who in turn requires you to build an office. This is a room (4x4 or bigger) containing a chair, a desk and a filing cabinet. You can then hire and place your Prison Warden in the office, unlocking the "Bureaucracy" option.

How do I heal Prisoners/Staff? Doctors can heal an injured characters, but you must first research them with your Prison Warden in the Bureaucracy menu before they can be hired. Once you have hired a doctor, you will also be able to create designate an infirmary.

Help! My prison is on fire! What I do? Prior to Alpha 5 there was no means of putting out fires. Now however, you can click the emergency button to call a fire engine. Once the fire crew arrive you can then control them, just as with any member of your staff, to put out the blaze.

How can I prevent riots? The best means of preventing riots are through hiring additional security and micromanaging the personnel that you do have so that any congregating groups of prisoners are well supervised; the same applies to any prisoners who are complaining. Once you have researched CCTV cameras, installing these systems will also help you to keep your prisoners in line.

Can Prisoners damage items? Yes, anything you place in their cell (such as their beds, toilet, TV, etc) is at risk of damage.

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