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Misconduct is when your prisoners commit certain crimes within your prison.


There are several types of misconduct, such as:

  • Found Drugs/Alcohol/Luxuries/Tools/Weapons (basically contraband)
  • Attacked Prisoner/Staff
  • Serious Injury
  • Murder
  • Destruction
  • Escaping


In the policies tab in your Reports, you will see a chart stating various types of misconduct. There you can choose whether the prisoner and/or the cell should be searched when the contraband is found or when the prisoner commits a crime, and you can choose the type of punishment for the prisoner who has commited misconduct (e.g. Solitary, Lockdown and perhaps Execution in the future) and choose how long they will be locked up.


There is no policy for Murder in the Policies tab.
There are some cases where the prisoner who commited misconduct will simply go around the prison in handcuffs (or nothing) without punishment.
Prisoners will sometimes unrealistically go to their cell or Solitary cell without escort of a guard.
You can manually punish a prisoner by clicking on them and selecting Punish in the top right.
The minimum manual punishment for a prisoner is 6 hours, and the maximum is 24 hrs, though you can increase it by selecting Punish over and over again.
You can make up a very painful execution by locking a prisoner in solitary or their cell for 24 or more hours; the prisoner will either starve to death or break down the door.