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Prison labor

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Prison labor: allows you to use your prisoners to do some work around the prison, freeing up staff. Prison Labor also allows you to generate extra income by having prisoners make licence plates or superior beds. There is a wide array of jobs available that you can assign to your prisoners.

Cleaning Cupboard: This room allows your prisoners to become janitors. They will walk around your prison and clean like a normal janitor.

Kitchen: Once your prisoners have completed the short class they can work in the kitchen as cooks. If planned right you can seriously cut down on cook wages by having prisoners work right before eating time.

Laundry: Here your prisoners will wash, Iron and transport your prisoner's clothes. They will collect dirty clothes, then, once they are clean, your prisoner's will put clean clothes in every prisoner's cell.

Workshop: Prisoners must first complete a class to work in the work shop but when completed they will make you car licence plates. You will sell these for extra income. Workers will drop off sheet metal that will be cut and pressed into licence plates. Some prisoners will want to take the carpentry apprenticeship class after completing the workshop safety induction class. This is an advanced class that allows prisoners to make superior beds. Currently these can only be sold for extra income.