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Time Lapse

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A new feature that seems to have been added in the Alpha 11 version in which you can "record" your prison with a defined and limitedely customisable interval (in in-game minutes) in between captures. A Time Lapse recording can be started from the main menu.
The Time Lapse feature has four options in [Main Menu > Options > Time Lapse]

Camera Mode[edit]

Obviously, defines how the camera will be used to capture your prison. The fact that Zoom Camera is the default option seems kind of weird since it wouldn't make a very stable and visually appealing experience for anyone who would watch a certain Youtube video of it. Maybe it would be better if the default was "Fit Map"?

Playback Rate[edit]

The number of frames per second (FPS) that will be shown during playback. The default playback uses the 25 FPS of the more widely used PAL system, as opposed to the 30 FPS of the NTSC system, more commonly used in North America. The ability to change the default to 30 would be an excellent idea.

Capture Interval[edit]

The number of in-game minutes in between each captures. One minute is the default option.


The quality of the image that is made after the capture. "High" is the default option.